The following is a partial list of the ARCHITECTURAL products we can offer:

Architectural Products
  Acoustical Treatments and Ceiling Tile Louvers - Wood
  Adhesives Lumber and Paneling
  Aluminum Extrusions and Products Mailboxes and Mail Chutes
  Asbestos Cement Board - Flat and Corrugated Marble
  Asphalt for Paving, Waterproofing and Roofing Metal Lath and Accessories
  Bathroom Accessories Mosaic Wall and Floor Tile
  Bearing Pads and Bridge Bearings Paints and Coatings of all Kinds
  Bolts, Buts, and Fasteners Panels of all Kinds
  Buildings, Portable, Metal and Partitions - Moveable, Office, Toilet, Acoustic
  Cabinets - Wood, Metal, Plastic - For Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laboratories, Hospital and Schools Plasters and Accessories
  Carpets and Other Floor Coverings Plastic Laminates
  Ceramic Tiles and Accessories Railings - Wood, aluminum, Bronze Steel, Glass
  Chalk Boards and Tack Boards Roofing Materials including Roof Insulation Boards Roofing Felt and Fabric, Flashing Materials, Waterproofing Mastics, as well as Elastomeric Roofing Systems
  Cleaning Compounds Rubber, Fillers, Gaskets and Other Products
  Concrete Curing Compounds, Admixtures Screens for Doors and Windows
  Concrete Reinforcing Wire Mesh and Block Reinforcing Wire Sealing and Caulking Compounds
  Curtain Walls Security Booths
  Dock Bumpers, Seals, and Levelers Security Hardware
  Doors, all Types - Fireproof, Aluminum Steel - Flush, Glazed Sheet Metal Fabrications
  Doors - Industrial including Roll-up, Sliding, Refrigerated, x-ray and Radiation Protection, Security, Vault and Access Shutters
  Draperies Signs - Road, Identifying
  Elevators and Dumbwaiters Steel, Wood
  Epoxies Steel Lockers and Benches
  Expansion Joints, Fillers and Covers Structural Steel of all Types, including Roof Decking, Joists, Trusses, etc.
  Fencing Material including Chain Link Fabric, Gates, Posts and Barbed Wire Stucco
  Flooring Systems - Wood, Access, Raised, Vinyl, Composite, Conductive Terrazzo, Epoxy, Rubber Sun control Devices and Louvers
  Food Serving and Kitchen Equipment for Institutions and Restaurants Suspended Ceiling Systems
  Glass and Glazing Materials Tiles - Floor, Wall and Ceiling
  Gratings - Steel, Aluminum, Stainless and Frames Toilet Accessories
  Gypsum Wall Board and Accessories Trash and Rubbish Chutes
  Hardware for Doors, Windows and Urethane Boards, Gaskets
  Insulation Materials of all Kinds for Building, piping and other Applications Water Stops - Rubber and Vinyl
  Kitchen Hoods and Appliances Weather Stripping
  Louvers - Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Windows - Commercial / Residential

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