The following is a partial list of the MECHANICAL products we can offer:

Mechanical Products
  Air Conditioning Equipment of all Kinds Fountain - Water Display
  Commercial, Industrial, Residential, including Liquid Chillers, Air Handlers, Condensing Units, Compressors Split Systems or Self Contained Fountains - Drinking, Eyewash
  Air Curtains Freezers - Commercial and Industrial
  Air Filters Furnaces - Forced Air
  Air Pollution Control Equipment Gas Station Equipment
  Boilers - Commercial Industrial Hangers and Supports - Duct and Pipe
  Boilers - Hot Water or Steam Heat Exchanges - Air, Liquid Line
  Boilers - Packaged Residential Heat Pumps
  Burners - Gas or Oil Heaters - Ducts, Electric
  Cabinets - Ice Storage Heaters - Floor, Door - Fuel Oil, Solar
  Cabinets - Refrigerated Heating Elements
  Chillers - Liquid Absorption, Liquid Humidistats
  Coils - Chilled or Hot Water Insulation - Pipe and Duct
  Coils - Electric Heating Liquid Level Controls
  Collectors - Duct Meters - Water
  Collectors - Solar Energy Pipes, Piping and Fittings of all Kinds including Steel, Copper Gas Iron Asbestos Cement, Stainless Steel, Plastic, PVC, Brass, Etc.
  Compounds - Pipe Joint, Sealing Plumbing Fixtures and Fittings.
  Compressors - Air, Ammonia, Refrigerant, Centrifugal, Reciprocating Plumbing Trim and Accessories, including Faucets, Drains, Supplies, Mixing Vales, ShowerHeads, Etc.
  Condensers - Air Cooled, Evaporative, Water Cooled POL Line Equipment
  Controls - Defrosting, Draft, Fan Limit Pumps of all Kinds including Water (Horizontal and Deep Well), Fuel, Fire, Sewage, Air Conditioning, Chemical, Boiler Feed, Etc.
  Controls - Time, Speed, Damper, Air Conditioning Recorders- Temperature, Humidity, Pressure
  Convectors - Hydraulic, Cooler Refrigeration Equipment - Complete Line for Cold Storage Warehouses
  Convectors, Radiator Baseboard, Hot Water or Steam Refrigerators - Reach-In Truck and Trailer, Commercial and Industrial
  Cooing Towers Sewage Treatment Equipment
  Coolers - Evaporative, Make-Up Air, Unit Water, Walk-In Spray Painting and Finishing Booths
  Corrosion Control Equipment Tanks - Storage, Fuel, Expansion, Solar
  Dampers and Shutters Thermometers and Thermostats
  Dehumidifiers Valves - Complete Line for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  Diffusers, Grills Registers Valves - Complete Line for Water and Sewage Lines
  Dryers - Refrigerant, Compressed Air Valves - Complete Line for Special Applications such as Plug Valves, Lubricated or Non-Lubricated
  Ducts - Connectors, Flexible Water Filters and Purifiers
  Fans and Ventilators of all Kinds for Air Supply and Exhausts Water Heaters, Space Electric, Space Gas Fired, Swimming Pool, Unit Cabinet Steam or Hot Water
  Fire Protection Systems, Dry, Halon and Accessories Water Treatment Control Equipment
  Flow Controls Welding Equipment of all Kinds

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